Congressman Tom Reed Visits Anchor Glass

Posted August 31, 2011

Reed Visits Anchor Glass
By Bill Mich, YNN

ELMIRA HEIGHTS -- Anchor Glass provides the glass bottles for some of the most recognizable food and beverage companies in America like Sam Adams, Mike's Hard Lemonade and Mott's Applesauce. But even with such a large client base, there are still concerns for the company.

"We're neat, we're clean, we're organized, we're doing what we are supposed to do. But it comes to a point of reality. Any one of these machines can be pulled out and moved to our sister plants if we aren't competitive," said plant manager Michael Sopp.

Congressman Tom Reed is out to ensure businesses like this stay local and is visiting manufacturers to hear about the challenges they face and what he can do to help.

"Talking about lowering the tax burdens, making sure everyone pays their fair share. Talking about the utility rates, making sure we keep them low. Get the domestic supplies of long-term energy sources online," Reed said.

During his tour of Anchor Glass, Reed learned that energy is a major concern for the company. The annual utility bill for the plant runs more than 14 million dollars and energy costs are stunting the growth of numerous companies throughout the region.

"The energy policy that we are trying to focus on is, I think, critical to an operation such as Anchor Glass here. You saw the furnaces, the natural gas and the electric demand that the company relies upon. We need to focus on an energy policy that lowers those costs and makes them stable," Reed said.

And despite those costs, Anchor Glass will be investing 10 million dollars this year to retain jobs and increase production. But others may not have that extra capital to spend, and may have to rely on party leaders in Washington to make changes for their future.

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