Transportation Council Seeks Comments on Freight Study

Posted March 2, 2015

The Elmira Chemung Transportation Council is seeking comment from Chamber members on its freight study as part of its “Elmira Chemung Transportation Plan 2035: Challenges and Opportunities”. ECTC is responsible for investing federal funds in the region’s transportation system, including roads and bridges, C TRAN service, and sidewalks and trails. It decided to prepare a separate study just for freight. Highlights of that study are:

Confirmation of Assumed Facts:

·         In Chemung County we have no freight congestion and few freight problems,

·         We import more than we export, and

·         Trucking dominates how freight is moved

Interesting Highlights:

·         We rank higher than statewide and nationwide business average for manufacturing, health care, retail and mining\etc.

·         Boxes, Glass, Paper Waste, and Metal lead in Truck exports by tonnage

·         Add Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment at the top of that list for truck export value

·         Importing from Cleveland and Indiana for truck value

·         Exporting major destinations for truck value are Boston and NYC metro areas

·         There are 2040 Projections for value and tonnage by business\product and import\export locations


·         Prepare City\County truck route map for truckers’ use

·         Address perception of need for overnight truck parking locations

Link to Freight Plan:

For more information, please contact ECTC at (607) 737-5510.

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