Business Education Roundtable

As the largest underwriter and consumer of Education, business values highly the connections afforded by the Business Education Roundtable (BER). Because the stakes are so high, the BER continues to cultivate a crucial dialogue between members of the local business and education communities. BER members set pragmatic agendas and have toured prominent industries including CAF USA, Cameron Manufacturing & Design, The Hilliard Corporation, Hunt Engineers, Architects & Land Surveyors and Vulcraft.

Savvy BER discussion segments foster reciprocal understanding of challenges and successes faced by the education and business communities, build upon vital partnerships, and analyze workforce development needs.

In addition, The Big 5 project continues as a successful promotion of the five basic characteristics of the fundamental requirement that students and workers alike exude a positive work ethic:

  1. Be honest.
  2. Show up on time every day.
  3. Be ready for work.
  4. Be willing to learn.
  5. Maintain a good attitude.

Business Education Roundtable Roster

For more information on the BER, please contact Ann Cady, Manager of Events & Projects, by calling (607) 734-5137 or e-mailing  

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