Local Manufacturers in Talks to Share Employees

Posted August 22, 2011

Two Local Plants Talk About Sharing Employees
By Jeff Stone, WETM-TV

Sikorsky Aircraft workers in Big Flats who are being laid off may be getting some help from another local manufacturer.
Conversations are underway between Sikorsky and CAF USA to see if laid off Sikorsky workers could help build railcars at the CAF USA plant in Elmira Heights. That's according to Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli, who says the two companies do similar work.

Santulli says, "In both of those businesses, whether you're making helicopters or railcars, they're based on contracts. It takes time even when a contract is approved to actually get it running. So I think they can really help each other out by sharing their employees when either one is in a lull."

Sikorsky announced in June that nearly 400 workers in Big Flats are being let go because of a lack of aircraft orders. Santulli says CAF USA will soon begin to build railcars for Amtrak that will need 300 to 500 workers and possibly more down the road if the contract goes well.

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