WETM Report: CCC Announces Welding Certificate Program

Posted May 6, 2014

CCC Announces Welding Certificate Program
By Erica Brecher, WETM

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ELMIRA, N.Y. -- A new program is coming to Corning Community College, and local companies say they'll benefit from it.

Thanks to $2 million dollars in grant money, the Elmira campus of C.C.C. is getting a makeover. It’ll be renovated in order to incorporate a state of the art welding lab to train students interested in molding metal.

“We really want a solid background in blueprint reading, welding technology, hands-on-skills, a little [metal knowledge],” says Daniel Ike, a manufacturing director at Hilliard.

He had worked at Hilliard for 15 years.

Ike says welders are in demand in this area, and C.C.C. President Dr. Kate Douglas agrees.

“What we have found, working with our workforce partners throughout the Southern Tier, is the need for welders is expanding," Dr. Douglas said.

Ike meets monthly with C.C.C. to help develop the curriculum.

“We will have a welding program, a non-credit certificate program, and we will renovate the front part of the academic and workforce development center in Elmira into a welding lab,” said Douglas.

She says students will start with virtual technology to get instant feedback, and then they'll move onto getting their hands on the real thing.

A $1 million dollar grant will go toward the curriculum, hiring faculty, and buying equipment. The second $1 million dollar grant will go into the physical changes at C.C.C.’s Elmira campus.

Ike says this is the first time Hilliard will be able to recruit locally. Before now, welders have come to Elmira from farther away.

“Williamsport at Penn College, Alfred University has a welding program, Mohawk Valley Community College...we haven't had anything in the local area, to get that secondary education, and this will be a benefit to us,” Ike said.

He also says people who have a certificate in welding will have an advantage over those with no special training.

“To see a young man get out of school and go on, take two more years shows he wants to be in the industry, it shows they want to go do the extra effort, and that is what we're looking for,” Ike said.

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