Survey Results: Seven Funding Education Questions From & For The Business Community

Posted May 24, 2013

Hundreds of explanatory and sometimes emotional comments clarified individual responses to the Chamber’s recent Funding Education survey, but the collective opinion of the business community is that major steps must be taken soon to improve the cost and quality of Education, not just locally but statewide and nationally as well.

The intentionally informal online survey invited members to respond to seven pointed questions which are often raised in conversation about the daunting challenge of Funding Education. Several Chamber committees have been studying components of the Funding Education crisis for several years.

The written comments show that the 230 member respondents often differed on the cause as well as on the best way to address Education’s fiscal woes. But, as the pie charts illustrate, about two thirds of respondents answered Definitely Yes or Possibly Yes to all seven questions.

The most emphatic response was generated by the last and least contentious of the seven questions, as nearly nine out of ten members agreed that the value of Education should be promoted to students. 

Among the six more controversial questions, members felt most strongly that the cost of Health Plans and Pensions should be decreased. 45.8% of respondents were definite about that answer, with another 30.2% tentatively supporting it, depending on how the cost reductions would be achieved.

An appropriate next step is being explored by a small task force of local leaders in Education, Government, Community and Business.

To view survey results and a sampling of respondents' comments, please CLICK HERE.

Note: the Comments submitted by respondents are presented verbatim as received; the Chamber is not responsible for and does not necessarily endorse the content or accuracy of the Comments.

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