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Because no generic factor affects more bottom lines of more members than government, the Public Affairs Council relentlessly explores issues and advocates on behalf of business.  Among the council’s recent varied ambitions:

  • Support Downtown Revitalization Funding and Initiatives
  • Monitor Statewide Ethics Reform Efforts
  • Encourage PTECH and Related Workforce Development Projects
  • Champion Elmira Corning Regional Airport Growth
  • Back Roadwork and Infrastructure Improvements
  • Help prepare the business community for the impacts of Federal Overtime Regulations, as well as the
    NYS Minimum Wage Increase and Paid Family Leave Act
  • Support Business-Friendly Initiatives of the National Chamber of Commerce
  • Applaud Tax Stability and Reduction Initiatives
  • Urge Reduced Business Regulations and Restrictions
  • Study the Effects of Federal, State and Local Elections
  • Analyze Continuing Developments of the Affordable Care Act
  • Demand State Relief from Unfunded Mandates
  • Promote Land Banking as a Housing Improvement Strategy
  • Host Briefing Conversations with Government Leaders
  • Cultivate Constructive Business/Government Rapport
  • Support Shared Services Among Local Area Governments

Public Affairs Council Roster

Partner Organizations

•    The Business Council
•    Chamber Alliance of New York State
•    Unshackle Upstate
•    U.S. Chamber of Commerce

For more information on the PAC, please contact Kamala Keeley, President & CEO, at .

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