Chemung County’s economy does not depend on a single dominant industry, but boasts a broad spectrum of diversified businesses and professional firms- all contributing to our economic health and quality of life. Major manufacturing firms and local industries compete in the global arena, cultivating a world class workforce here in Chemung County.

The security, well-being and resources of a community and its residents are vital factors for its growth and success. Top ranked healthcare facilities, an abundance of medical professionals, and options in adult-care are important parts of our comprehensive health care system. Area schools represent an extensive educational system offering a combination of public, private and parochial options, providing the foundation for students entering the workforce or continuing with their formal education. District resources include a comprehensive central library system which includes complementary WiFi and books available for download, in addition to access to 300,000 volumes and an extensive geneology department.

Chemung County is situated in the 23rd Congressional District, the 58th State Senatorial District, the 124th and 132nd State Assembly Districts and the 6th State Judicial District. The governing body of Chemung County is comprised of a County Executive and a 15-member legislature. The City of Elmira is overseen by a City Manager, Mayor and a City Council of six elected officials. Eleven towns and five villages make up the local government structure in Chemung County, utilizing town boards and supervisors to tend to their constituents’ needs. Together, these municipalities are taking positive steps toward a vibrant, healthy, new prosperity.


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